Uniformmales dresscode comes both from real life and the fantasy world. We show masculine shiny uniforms and gear from masculine occupations often related to security such as police, security guards and army. Gear such as bomberjackets, overalls, jumpsuits, camo, helmets, masks, gloves, boots and duty gear. Also shiny workwear, hazmat and shiny sportswear such as shiny shorts, tracksuits, protective gear and motorsports leather are included in the dresscode.

Shiny masculine cosplay gear influenced by cyber design, steampunk, science fiction, spacesuits, futuristic cops and zentai heroes is included since it often gets its inspiration from the masculine occupations mentioned above. Gear from cosplay can be combined with other gear. Mixing different occupations and entireties is possible!

Apparel design should show the form of a masculine body and/or enchance it. Fit bodies and muscles are of course also masculine so gear can cover a part of the body and where it looks good skin can be visible and even preferred. Although shiny gear can be sexy we do not show porn. Gear design, graphics, colors, insignia and badges must be masculine and show authority. Gear materials include leather, shiny synthetic fabrics and rubber – these materials both look and feel good on skin. Much quality shiny retro wear has been manufactored in the past such as nylon bomber jackets, Adidas Originals tracksuits and leather ski gloves.

We do not represent all dresscodes, fashions nor subcultures, there are other sites for them. We are developing our organization and webpages. There will be a member forum and hopefully we also can organize live events again in the future.